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An employment letter may be necessary for two different reasons; one, a company may request a letter to verify that an individual is employed by a certain company. The requester may be a bank, landlord, credit card company, auto dealer or any number of individuals or companies. In the second scenario, an employment letter may be written by an employer to a new employee in order to welcome the individual and provide a brief overview of the benefits. Below you will find guidelines to help you write either in a professional manner.

1. Be professional. An employment letter is a business letter that should be written in a concise manner, relating only to the pertinent details.

2. Use company letterhead. Any type of letter written for business purposes should be placed on company letterhead. This is true whether you are verifying employment, or addressing your employment letter to a new employee.

3. Proofread and edit. Always proofread your letter in order to check for spelling, grammar or other errors. Make any necessary changes before sending or giving the employment letter to the recipient.

Always use a simple format that consists of basic, easy-to-read fonts and a minimum of bold, italic or graphic additions. When it comes to any type of business letter, plain and simple is best.

Sample employment letter (to verify employment)

Company Letterhead


Recipient’s name

Company name


City, State, Zip

Subject: Employment verification regarding (name of employee being verified)

In your introductory sentence, state that you are confirming employment of the individual in question. Go on to explain briefly the position of the employee, and how much he/she earns annually.

Explain in the body of your employment letter the job responsibilities of the employee, and how long they have worked for the company.

The final paragraph should explain that the requester may contact you for further information or with any questions regarding the employee.


Your name, title

Company name

Sample employment letter (employer to new employee)

Company letterhead


Dear (name of employee),

In your introductory sentence, state that you are pleased to announce the recipient is being employed by the company in the position of accounts payable clerk (name of position being filled). Also inform the employee when they are requested to report to work, and to whom they should report.

The main body of your employment letter will briefly explain details such as salary, and whether benefits are offered. Go on to explain that details of benefits will be provided at a later date.

The final paragraph should welcome the employee to the company, and request the employee’s signature on enclosed letter if terms and conditions are agreeable.


Your name

As you can see, writing either type of employment letter is not difficult. Using the tips and guidelines above, you will be able to write a letter that easily conveys the message and presents a professional appearance.

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