Endorsement Letter

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An endorsement letter is often written to endorse a person or program. Similar to a letter of recommendation, an endorsement letter may be written by a former employer or other acquaintance or business associate to support that an individual would make a good candidate for a job. If you are unsure of how to complete this task, the tips and guidelines below will help you write an endorsement letter that contains the pertinent information and looks professional.

1. State clearly who or what you are endorsing. Your letter should indicate plainly what or who it is that you are endorsing.

2. Back up your endorsement. Offer support of your endorsement. Your letter should offer clear reasons that you support the person, product, program, etc.

3. Include all relevant details. Explain the qualities, skills or qualifications that make a person suitable for the job, why the program is exceptional and your experience with it, what it did for you, etc.

4. Write your endorsement letter in a professional manner. Any letter that is written for business purposes should be written using simple fonts that are easy to read. Avoid graphics, an abundance of bold or italic fonts, and leave plenty of white space around borders. This makes your letter look professional, and it is easy on the eyes of the reader.

Always be concise and avoid getting off of the topic. Write in a brief, to-the-point manner.

Sample endorsement letter

Business or company letterhead

Your name

Company name


City, State, Zip

Contact information


Recipient’s name


City, State, Zip

Dear (Mr./Mrs./Miss/Ms.) followed by last name,

In your introductory paragraph, explain your reason for writing. Quickly get to the point by introducing yourself and explaining that you are writing in support of a person, product, company, etc.

The main body of your endorsement letter should offer reasons and substantiate your endorsement. Explain what the person/company/product did for you or your business, how they benefitted your company, increased sales, solved your networking needs, etc. If the endorsement is for employee reasons, include details about the person’s employment with you or your knowledge of their skills, accomplishments and qualifications.

In closing, state your recommendation of the person/company/product once again, and suggest that the recipient consider your endorsement. Offer your contact information so that the recipient may contact you with any further questions or enquiries.


Your name

Title (if applicable)

Company name

Be sure to sign your name directly above the typed signature. Proofread your document for spelling or grammar errors, and to make sure that all information contained in the letter is correct. The tips and guidelines above will help you create an endorsement letter that is clearly and professionally written.

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