Fundraising Letter

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A fundraising letter is necessary when you want to persuade a company or individual to support your organization through donations. In order to entice them that your organization is worth of their donation of money or products, you should illustrate the benefits of your organization, how it contributes to the community or how your program solves a problem. If you find writing a fundraising letter a difficult task, the tips below will help make it much easier.

1. Introduce your organization. In your first paragraph, it is essential that you capture the reader’s attention. Explain a need or problem that exists and offer an example.

2. Demonstrate your organization’s role in providing a solution. In the body of your letter, show the recipient how your organization works to help solve the need/problem. Explain that you have been providing a solution for so many years, and detail your organizations work.

3. Create urgency. Let the recipient know that without the help of donations, your organization would cease to exist. Explain the challenges your organization faces along with details of those challenges.

4. Explain the importance of the recipient in the sustainability of your organization. Let the recipient know that they have been chosen out of a select group of companies because of their reputation, compassion, etc.

5. Give an example. Offer an example of a real need your organization has experienced. Relate this to a specific family, children’s group, etc.

6. Include a bold, attention-grabbing headline. Toward the middle or end of your fundraising letter, include a bold headline that draws on the recipient’s compassion.

7. Include an enclosed reply form. When sending a fundraising letter, it is helpful to send along a donation form and envelope so that the recipient can easily send a monetary contribution if they wish.

8. Close by appealing to the reader’s generosity. Explain how their donation will help a certain number of families, provide so many meals, etc.

Sample fundraising letter

Organization letterhead


Recipient’s name

Company name


City, State, Zip

Dear (Mr./Mrs./Miss/Ms.) followed by last name,

In the first few sentences, summarize why you are writing. Include the name of your organization, and that you are writing to ask for support. Explain why you need to raise the money and what need it will meet.

In the body of your fundraising letter, explain the results your organization has achieved in the past. Describe that you have met the needs of so many families/youth homes/shelters, how donations work, where they go, what they are used for, etc.

Explain the urgency of your need; let the recipient know that without the support of businesses like them, your projects would not be successful. Also let the reader know that they have been chosen because of their reputation as a community leader, trusted business, etc.

Offer a concrete example of how your organization has met the needs of a particular family, group, individual, etc. Below this, create a compelling, attention grabbing headline in bold print.


Hungry Children Need to Eat Every Day

Close by thanking the recipient for their time and consideration, stating that you have enclosed a contribution form and envelope. Reiterate how the recipient’s contribution will help x number of families, children, etc.


Your name

Your position within the organization

Writing a fundraising letter is essential in the day-to-day activities of many organizations. Using the tips and guidelines above, you will find that the task is not as complicated as it may seem.

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