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Writing a goodbye letter may be necessary when you are leaving your place of employment in pursuit of a better career, or in the difficult situation of being dismissed. While the task is not usually a pleasant one, writing a goodbye letter does not have to be difficult or uncomfortable. In the event you are leaving an employer and want to say your farewell to co-workers, a goodbye letter should strike a tone that lies between honest, heartfelt and professional.

1. Demonstrate your sorrow. In your opening paragraph, express your sorrow at leaving your position, and how you will miss your co-workers. You do not have to go in to the details surrounding why you are leaving, as this may bring up uncomfortable issues. If you are leaving on your own accord, you can state that you have found a new job.

2. Make it personal. Whether you are leaving a job where you have been employed over a substantial amount of time, bring up a good or humorous memory if possible. If you are writing to an individual, express your enjoyment at talking with them on break, sharing lunch, enjoying their company. Let those people you have developed a relationship with know that you will truly miss them.

3. Show your appreciation. Whether you are writing to a specific department, all of your co-workers or an individual, let them know that you appreciate their help and support throughout your employment.

4. Close on a bright note. Let the recipient(s) know that you hope to stay in contact in the future. Explain that just because you are leaving the job or neighborhood does not mean that you cannot remain friends.

Always proofread your goodbye letter for spelling and grammar errors.

Sample goodbye letter


To: Co-workers

Name of company


City, State, Zip

Dear (Co-workers, Colleagues),

In your opening paragraph, announce to your co-worker(s) that you are set to leave the company and the date on which you will be leaving. Express your sorrow at leaving, and how you have found the time you have spent with the company rewarding.

The body of your goodbye letter should briefly describe how the recipient(s) have been an inspiration to you. Describe how you have learned from those you have worked with, even enjoyed the jokes and time spent working together. Tell the recipient(s) how you feel that you are taking life- long friendships with you as you go toward a new future.

Wish your co-worker(s) a prosperous and happy future and rewarding career. If you wish, let them know that you will remain friends and stay in contact. Include your telephone number or email address so that co-workers can stay in touch with you once you have left the company.


Your name

Sign your name above the typed version. When writing a goodbye letter, you can post it on a bulletin board if writing to a group of colleagues, or deliver it to each individual. Using the guidelines above, you will find that writing a goodbye letter is not such a daunting task.

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