Business Letter Format

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When you are writing a business letter you have a choice of three different styles. These are full blocked, semi blocked and blocked format. For this example we will use blocked as it is one of the most common business letter formats. This business letter format should be a good guide for you if you are writing a business letter in the near future.

A full blocked business letter should never indent, and your text should remain formal at all times. Here’s an example for to use when writing a business letter.

Contact details

Your name or company name


Zip Code

Email or phone is applicable


Contact details

Recipients Name

Company Name


Zip Code

Dear (insert contacts last name)

Paragraph 1: This should introduce the subject of your letter to the reader, and you should also introduce yourself.

Paragraph 2: This paragraph will contain the bones of your letter. You want to include whatever it is you are writing the letter about, and expand on what you mentioned in your introductory paragraph.

Paragraph 3: This should be a concluding paragraph which will restate your reason for writing and it should also include a call to action for the reader. You should also thank the reader for taking the time to consider your letter.



Print Name

Senders Name

Job Title

Company Name


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