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Follow Up Interview Letter

Dear Mrs. King,

It was very nice speaking with you today. I enjoyed the opportunity to learn more about Forest Hills Group, and the way the organization is making a difference in the community. Your description of the job duties and responsibilities for the role of communications specialist was especially interesting. As you spoke, I grew more confident in my ability to do well in this role. I feel strongly that my education, experience and personal beliefs are in direct alignment with the stated goals of Forest Hills Group.

During the interview, you asked me about my comfort level in speaking in front of large audiences. I assure you, I am a very confident and competent public speaker. I was very active in the drama club in both high school and college. Because of this experience, I learned to embrace an audience rather than fear it. In addition, I possess excellent written and verbal communication skills. I believe these talents combined will allow me to succeed in the role as your communication specialists.

You stressed the position called for very strong organizational skills and a certain degree of artistic talent. My organizational skills are impeccable. I am a strong believer that everything has a place and that everything should be in its place. I manage my time very well and very rarely finish a day without completing everything on my to-do list. Since childhood, I have had a strong urge to create. This urge has helped me develop my creative abilities. Over the years, I have learned to merge my analytical and creative talents in a way that allows me to achieve success personally and professionally.

I really enjoyed meeting you, and I would welcome the opportunity to answer any other follow-up questions you might have. Please feel free to call me at (555)-555-5555 or you can reach me by email at [email protected]


Suzanne Lopez

Suzanne Lopez