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Organizations usually do not grant an interview to every candidate who applies for an open position. A thank you interview letter is your opportunity to express your appreciation for the interview, and a chance to restate why you are the best candidate for the position. Correctly worded, the thank you letter can send you to the top of the candidate list.

Format and Content:

Many organizations care about their employees, but when it comes to hiring, the needs of the organization come first. Use the first paragraph of the thank you interview letter format to express your appreciation for the time dedicated to your interview. Use the remaining paragraphs, in logical order, to provide the reasons you are a good fit for the organization. Be sure to relate your skills and abilities directly to the needs of the organization.


In this thank you letter sample, the job candidate is careful to link her knowledge, experience and skills to the information she obtained during the interview. The candidate writes from a position of confidence and mentions skills that are important to the position. Her confidence is reiterated by the positive affirmation in the closing statement, “I look forward to speaking with you soon.”

Mrs. Tonya Young

456 View Lane

Chicago, Illinois 88522

July 18, 2013

Ms. Moraine Smith

Senior Director

ABIC Limited

566 North Cooper Street

Chicago, Illinois 88522

Dear Ms. Smith

Thank you for the opportunity to speak with you today. I enjoyed learning more about your company and about the marketing manager position within your organization. I especially enjoyed the tour of your company and meeting all of the people in the marketing division. I am very impressed by the team-oriented spirit within the company and I believe I have the personality and people skills to excel in this type of environment.

I have the breadth and depth of experience needed to help ABIC achieve its current and long-term goals. I have worked in the industry for 10 years and my knowledge of the market is extensive. I am well accustomed to speaking in front of large crowds and I am well versed in intercultural communication. Aside from the above, I bring with me a proven track record of success and a strong desire to use my talents and abilities to help ABIC achieve a competitive edge in the marketplace.

During our interview, you commented on my strong work ethic. My work ethic is a direct result of my love for this profession. I am motivated by challenge and driven by the desire to achieve all goals laid before me. I believe strongly in helping others excel as well. I encourage personal and professional growth by working with the members of my team to achieve departmental and organizational goals.

I deeply appreciate the time and attention you dedicated to our interview. I am happy to answer any follow-up questions you may have. You can reach me at 339-998-3453 or by email at [email protected] I left our interview inspired and confident that I can excel in this role. I look forward to speaking with you soon.


Tonya Young

Tonya Young

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