Lease Termination Letter

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A lease termination letter may be necessary if you have come to the end of your home or apartment lease, or if you want to move and there is an early termination clause in your lease. It is always preferable to let your landlord know when you are planning to move. If you aren’t certain about how to write a lease termination letter, the tips and guideline below will help make it a less difficult task.

There are several reasons you may be ending your lease. I may be that you have taken a job in another area, or that your landlord is not holding up his/her end of the agreement. This is a legal document, so you should be sure to state any clauses pertaining to you in the letter.

1. Make the details clear. You want your landlord to understand that you have fulfilled the term of your lease; if you are acting on an early termination clause, describe the details of that as well. Mention any penalties you intend to pay, so that your landlord understands you are being honest and straightforward.

2. Be precise in the information you present. When writing your lease termination letter, give the landlord the exact date you plan to move out. Presenting clear, concise information will ensure that there are no disputes later on.

3. Proofread your letter. After completing your lease termination letter, read through it several times for spelling or grammar errors. You also want to make certain that you have all dates, clauses, penalty amounts (if applicable) and other details correct.

Sample lease termination letter

Your name


City, State, Zip


Landlord name


City, State, Zip

Dear (your landlord’s name),

In your opening paragraph, summarize what your letter is about. Tell your landlord that you plan to be moving from (address) on (specific date) without fault, or include details about an early termination clause.

Next, inform the landlord that you wish to be present when the property is being inspected for cleanliness, damages, etc. Inform the landlord that you will be moving to (future address) and request that all correspondence be forwarded to that address effective (date).

Go on to state that you have fulfilled your lease (if applicable), or if you are acting on an early termination clause, include specific amounts you intend to pay in penalties and fees. Be clear on all details of the lease so that problems do not arise later.

Thank the letter for their consideration and time, and let them know that you appreciate the opportunity you had to live at your home/apartment.


Your name

Sign your name directly above the typed signature. Remember that a lease termination is a legal document, so make certain all information presented is correct. The tips and outline above will make writing a lease termination letter less daunting.

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