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Writing a leave letter may be necessary if you wish to be absent from work for an extended period of time. This could be due to an illness in your family, your wish to attend a special training or seminar that would help you in your job, or any extenuating circumstances. If you have never written a leave letter, it may seem an intimidating and difficult task. The tips below along with a sample leave letter will help you write an effective letter that is professional and explains clearly what you are asking of your employer.

1. Write in a professional manner. Type your leave letter using a business letter format. Be precise and clear in your letter, including only information that pertains to why you are requesting a leave.

2. Gather the details before you begin. It is often helpful to make a list of all of the details before you begin writing. Jot down the exact dates you will need to be absent from work, when you plan to return, and details about any unfinished projects you have been working on. Your employer will need to know where you stand on your work, so that someone can complete it in your absence if necessary.

3. Proofread your work. Even though you already work for your employer, you always want to present yourself in a professional manner. Check your leave letter for spelling and grammar errors, and to make certain all of the details regarding your leave are correct.

Sample leave letter

Business or company letterhead

Employers name (Mr./Mrs./Ms./Miss) followed by last name


Company name


City, State, Zip


Dear (employer name as above),

In the opening paragraph of your leave letter, summarize why you are writing. State that you request a leave, and include the exact dates that you are asking to be absent from work. Briefly state the reason you are requesting the leave.

The body of your leave letter should be in the form of a request. Write something similar to “I request that you grant me leave for the period stated above”. Assure your employer that you can be contacted during your leave should any questions or inquiries come up. If you are requesting leave due to a family emergency or unforeseen circumstances, explain this briefly.

Express your appreciation for your employer’s consideration of your request. Ask that they advise you of their decision as quickly as possible, and inform them to let you know if any additional information is needed in order to grant your request.

Thank your employer in advance for their time and consideration.


Your name

Be sure to sign your leave letter directly above your typed signature. An appreciative, professional tone is best when writing this type of letter to an employer. Use simple, easy-to-read fonts and keep the format basic. These tips will help make writing a leave letter a far less intimidating task.

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