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Claim Letter

Dear (Mr./Mrs./Miss/Ms.) followed by last name (Attention: Customer Service if for goods or services),

In the first few sentences, briefly summarize the reason for your claim letter.

The main body of your letter should include all of the details, data and other information necessary for the recipient to take action on your letter. Leaving important details out could result in a delay of your claim. Include policy numbers, dates, product names and descriptions, any action you have taken, and the nature of the problem. Also explain if you have shipped a product back, or if you plan to. Also indicate to the reader that you have enclosed receipts, warranties, or other documents if applicable.

Your closing paragraph should thank the recipient for their time and attention to the matter. Also state that you expect a refund or your credit card to be credited if you are asking for a refund on a product/service.


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Writing a claim letter may seem a difficult task; the guidelines above will help you complete your letter quickly and in a professional manner.