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Confirmation Letter

Dear (Mr., Mrs., Miss) followed by last name,

State that you are confirming an appointment and what will be discussed. Also mention that you are following up on your phone conversation, and are looking forward to meeting with the recipient on such date at such time. Inform the recipient that they should contact you if any changes to this meeting need to be made.

Thank the recipient for their time and attention.


Your name

In the case of confirming employment following a probationary period, the following sample confirmation letter indicates how this may be accomplished:


Dear (Ms./Mrs./Mr./Miss) followed by employee’s first and last name,

In the first sentence, express your pleasure at announcing the recipient has successfully completed probation and that they have been made a permanent employee of (company name).

The main body of your confirmation letter should include the details of employment, including position title, salary, payment schedule and effective date.

Also include details surrounding salary increases and performance reviews, and any other terms and conditions of employment.

Mention in closing that the recipient should sign the confirmation letter as acceptance of the terms, and return it to you promptly. Congratulate the recipient and express your pleasure at working with them in their position.


Your name



Here, write a brief statement of employee’s acceptance of terms and conditions, along with agreement to take up position effective (date).

Employee signature _____________________

Date ____________

As you can see, writing a confirmation letter is a fairly simple process. Follow the guidelines above, and you can easily write a letter that is professional and effective.