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Donation Letter

Dear Mr./Mrs./Ms./Miss followed by last name,

In the opening paragraph, introduce yourself and explain briefly that you are writing on behalf of your non-profit organization, ABC Children’s Workshop (name of your organization). Your introductory paragraph should describe the work of your organization in a concise manner, and how it impacts the community, children, etc.

The main body of your donation letter, explain that you are soliciting contributions and that the money is necessary in order to obtain or achieve your goal. Also emphasize what the contribution would mean to your non-profit organization, and how it will be used. Mention that the donation is tax deductible, and how it may reflect on the impression or giving value of the company.

End your donation letter by thanking the recipient for their time and for considering a contribution. Include pertinent information such as who to make the check or money order out to and where to send it. Also let the recipient know who to contact should they have any questions or concerns.

Thank you,

Your name

Be sure to sign your name by hand above the typed signature. Always proofread your donation letter, and edit when necessary for any spelling or grammar errors. Writing this type of business letter is fairly simple; by following the guidelines above, you will see that your donation letter is effective and achieves the desired result.