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Employment Verification Letter Format

If you are asked to write an employment verification letter for someone in your firm it is important that you do this for them, and it is important that it is done right. You should follow an employment verification letter format if you have not put one of these letters together before. We have put together an employment verification letter format together below for you to have a look at.

Contact details

Your Company Name


Zip Code

Phone number


Contact details

Name of recipient’s company


Zip Code

Respected Sir/Madam

Paragraph 1:

The content must be very specific in this paragraph. Indicate that the letter is to inform the reader that (name of employee working under you) is working for (name of your company)in the position of (enter their job title) and has been in employment continuously by our company for (enter number of years here). If requested by your employee, you can add whatever their gross annual earnings are too.

Paragraph 2:

This should be a short concluding paragraph indicating that you are happy to hear from them if they require any more information.

Signature of authorizing person

Name of authorizing person

Position of authorizing person