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Marketing Letter

Dear (name of recipient if known, otherwise Sir or Madam),

The introductory paragraph of your marketing letter should summarize why you are writing. Immediately state that you are introducing a new product or service, or how much savings you are offering on an existing product. Make sure this is written with a sense of urgency to make the most impact.

The body of your marketing letter should offer any relevant details regarding your new product/service or sale. List the benefits and features of your product/service, so that the recipient will understand what the offer can do for their business. Make your letter as enticing as possible to the client or recipient.

In closing your letter, inform the recipient that they should feel free to contact you with any questions, and that you invite them to come and see your new products or learn more about your services.

We look forward to serving you,

Your name


Writing an effective marketing letter involves creating an element of excitement about your products/services. The tips and guidelines above will help you design a marketing letter that will capture the attention of the reader and increase interest in your offer.