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Order Letter

An order letter may need to be written when you are ordering products from a company or manufacturer. This letter is similar to a purchase order, and should be written in detail. Some people write an order letter and simply ask that their last order be duplicated, but this leaves room for mistakes and confusion. The information below will help you write an order letter that contains all of the pertinent details so that your order can be processed efficiently and accurately.

1. Include the shipping instructions.

Don’t assume that the recipient will know to ship the goods to your return address. Some people order goods that are to be shipped to a different location, so make your instructions clear.

2. Write in a clear, concise manner.

In an order letter, it is necessary that you be very explicit about what you are ordering. Include number of items you want, descriptions, and catalog numbers if possible.

3. Use a simple business format.

Write your letter using basic fonts and a business format. By writing your order letter in a way that is crisp and clear with a minimum of fuss the recipient will be able to read it easily.

4. Proofread your letter.

You should always proofread your work for spelling and grammar errors, but it is particularly important that you check the details in this type of letter. Check quantities, item numbers and all details of the order.

Sample order letter

Your company or business letterhead


Recipient (Name of Company)


City, State, Zip

Attention: Sales Department

In your introductory paragraph, state that you want to place an order, and that the details of your order are included. Also state which catalog was used to place the order, and reference numbers contained in the catalog. Indicate if you want a current catalog shipped with your order.

The body of your order letter should contain specific instructions in regards to where the order will be shipped, items, quantity, etc. You may want to set this up in a table format if using a word processor. Include item description, item number, unit price, and total. Also inform the recipient if there is a certain way you wish your order to be shipped, such as by common carrier, UPS, etc.

In closing, thank the recipient for their time, and include your phone number and/or email address should they have any problems with your order. Indicate that they should let you know if the order cannot be shipped at the time you requested.

Thank you,

Your name


Writing an order letter may seem like a complicated and confusing task, but it’s really quite simple and straightforward. The tips and guidelines above will help you write an order letter that is thorough and professional.