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Rejection Letter

Dear (name of applicant),

In your introductory paragraph, express your appreciation for the recipient’s interest in the company and the job for which they applied. Explain that after reviewing the resumes and conducting interviews, the recipient was not selected for the position.

If there were aspects of the candidate or skills that you found positive, state that in the main body of your rejection letter.

Let the reader know that you found a candidate with more experience and qualifications; this lets the recipient know that they were not rejected simply because you did not feel they were a good fit. Also express your appreciation for the effort and time the recipient put in to pursuing the job. Let them know if there are other available jobs within the company that you feel they may qualify for, and encourage the recipient to apply for any future jobs that may become available.

In closing, wish the recipient the best in their job search and future endeavors, and thank them for their interest in the company.

Sincerely or Best Regards,

Your name


As you can see, writing a rejection letter is not that difficult a task. You do not have to write using a negative tone; a letter written in a positive tone of voice lets the recipient down easily, without making them feel inadequate or inferior. Put the tips and guidelines above to work for you when faced with the task of writing a rejection letter.