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Solicitation Letter

Dear (Mr./Mrs./Miss/Ms.) followed by last name, or “Dear Sir/Madam” if you do not know the name of the recipient

In the introductory paragraph, introduce yourself and the name of your group/organization; briefly summarize why you are writing. Include a few details about the group/organization that will benefit from the donation of funds/goods, and mention how the recipient has helped support your group in the past if applicable.

The main body of your solicitation letter should include the details about how the money/products will be used. Explain that the company/organizations gift will go toward cancer research, coats for children, the company Christmas party for employees, etc.

Be sure to mention that the company’s contribution is 100% tax deductible. Also include the federal tax id number of your group/organization when possible. You want to make it as easy as possible for the recipient to make a donation to your cause.

Thank the recipient for their time and consideration, letting them know that if they do contribute, their name will be listed among the sponsors in a brochure, program, etc. This is a form of free advertising for their business!


Your name

As you can see, writing a solicitation letter is not that difficult. Always demonstrate your appreciation for their consideration, and include any information that will enlighten the recipient on how donating will benefit their company/organization.