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Academic Dismissal Letter

A dismissal or suspension letter is written to parties in regards to academics for multiple reasons. First, an academic dismissal letter may be written because of student behavior that is beyond tolerance and requires immediate academic suspension. Another reason for an academic dismissal may be because of the lack of student grade performance.

Format and Content

While a letter of dismissal may be written for many different reasons, the academic dismissal letter format should follow a general display of information. For example, the effective date of suspension, reason for dismissal and the option to make an appeal should always be mentioned in a dismissal letter. Also, any individuals who should be contacted after the dismissal letter is received should include his or her contact information in the letter as well.


This academic dismissal letter sample is about a college student, Teresa DeMarco, who is enrolled at the Oregon University in Portland, Oregon. She is a sophomore and her grades have fallen below the required university standards that are mandatory for all students. This letter also shows how the ability for the student to appeal the dismissal can be incorporated into the letter.