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Academic Recommendation Letter

Academic recommendation letters are often used by teachers for students applying to colleges, internships or other academic programs. They can be letters for teachers or other people in the workforce who are going back to school for advanced degrees, physicians seeking fellowships or any other individual entering an academic program.


This is a sample academic recommendation letter from a high school teacher on behalf of a student applying for an internship at a university veterinary school. The student plans to be a veterinarian and wishes to gain experience by participating in an internship for high school students aspiring to be vets.

Dear Dr. Bolton:

I am writing this letter on behalf of Molly Brown who is applying for the summer internship program at the XYZ University School of Veterinary Medicine. I am familiar with the internship’s objectives and believe Molly would be an asset to the program as well as benefit immensely from the opportunity to experience the daily activities in a university vet school.

I have taught Molly science classes for the last three years at Eagle Ridge High School. She has excelled in Animal Science, Environmental Science and Advanced Placement Biology winning our school’s Science Award for achieving the top grade all three years. She has won our County Science Fair for the last two years and went on to win First Place in the state competition this year with her project comparing the behavior of house cats to that of African lions in the wild. Based on her academic performance, attendance, class participation and willingness to take on extra work to enhance her education, I would rate Molly a superior student at Eagle Ridge.

Molly has served as the Activities Chairperson for the Beta Club at Eagle Ridge and in that capacity has spearheaded numerous community service activities. One of the most successful events Molly organized and supervised was this year’s First Annual Top Dog Contest. Dog owners paid fees to enter their pets in various competitions, spectators paid to be admitted to the event and all of the proceeds went to benefit the local Humane Society.

Molly is passionate about caring for animals of all species and breeds and volunteers two evenings a week at the local animal shelter. She also works every Saturday at a veterinary hospital in the community and still manages to maintain a high grade point average in, not only the sciences, but all of her other classes as well. Molly is also active in the 4-H Club at Eagle Ridge where she has won school and county competitions for science-related projects.

In conclusion, I highly recommend Molly Brown for the summer internship at the XYZ Veterinary School. Her quest for academic excellence in high school, her efforts to better her community and her love for animals would make her an excellent addition to this academic program. Should you have further questions, please feel free to contact me at (555)-555-5555 or via email at [email]


Elizabeth Cash

Elizabeth Cash

Teacher, Eagle Ridge High School