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Admission Appeal Letter

It is not often that a college or university reverses a decision to allow a student to be admitted; however, if your application has been rejected, writing an admission appeal letter is worth a try, especially if anything has changed since you originally applied. For example, if you have retaken any standardized tests or won any community service awards since the last application, it would be a good idea to include that information in your letter.

Format and Content

When communicating with the college or university, make sure you include your original application number in the admission appeal letter format. Also, include your Social Security number and all contact information such as home address, phone number and email address. Briefly explain any updated information and why you believe your application should be reconsidered. Additionally, contact the university and make sure you send your appeal to the correct department and individual.


Reporting improved standardized test scores is one of the biggest reasons students petition for reconsideration of their original applications. This admission appeal letter sample is from a student who originally took the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) when he had the flu and he scored poorly resulting in the university rejecting his admissions application. He has since retaken the SAT and scored much higher; therefore he is appealing the rejection.

Dear Dr. Barge,

My name is Thomas M. Finch (Application 78963) and I would like to provide some updated information in an effort to appeal my initial rejection for admission to XYZ City University. I believe the biggest reason I was rejected was my low SAT scores.

Unfortunately I had the flu and a fever on November 7, 2013 when I originally took the SAT. The scores I earned that day are not indicative of my capabilities. I have since retaken the SAT on January 9, 2014 and significantly improved my scores. My math score has gone from 570 to 690; my verbal score has improved from 560 to 660 and my essay score has risen from 520 to 630. This represents a change in my combined score from 1,650 on the November test to 1,980 on the January test.

In addition, I organized a dog show at my high school as a Beta Club project. The show was a tremendous success and we raised $10,732.65 to contribute to our local Humane Society. As a result of the success of the project, I won the ABC High School Community Service Award as well as the 2013-2014Community Service Award from our local Rotary Club.

I realize it is rare to have an application rejection overturned, but under these circumstances I felt I should try. I would greatly appreciate your consideration in this matter, and can promise you that, if admitted, I would work exceedingly hard and be an exemplary student at XYZ City University.

Thank you,

Thomas Finch

Thomas M. Finch