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Apology Letter for Being Late

Punctuality is an essential part of professional conduct. When you are late, you can set off a domino effect that causes a slowdown of your entire team or company. When your tardiness causes problems, an apology letter for being late can begin the process to fix the situation. People appreciate the gesture, especially management. It demonstrates your willingness to do what you can to amend any problems caused, along with showing that you understand your mistake. Writing an apology letter is simple, yet it does provide a strong symbol for your regret for your actions.

Format and Content

The apology letter for being late should be formal, including your address and the address of the recipient. Additionally, you should always include content that addresses the situation at hand. You should discuss the events surrounding your tardiness and what problems ensued. The most important part of your letter should be describing your plan for fixing any problems caused by your lack of punctuality. Furthermore, you should always include a heartfelt apology and make sure the tone and subject matter is sincere.


Running late can sometimes be symptomatic of a larger problem, or it can cause difficulties to occur that impede the workflow of your company. This apology letter for being late sample provides you with an idea of how to create your letter. It was written by George, who was extremely late one day. His tardiness led to him missing an important meeting with a potential client, leading to the client choosing another company.

Dear Mrs. Brownlee,

I would like to say that I am truly sorry for being late last Wednesday. It was completely unprofessional of me, and it caused me to lose a potential client for our company. I know that my actions constituted a gross negligence to my work and affected my colleagues and the company at whole. Please accept my apology for my actions.

In our line of work, punctuality is key. A to Z Security has a reputation to uphold, of which timeliness is such an important factor. Our clients want to know that we will show up when they need us. Through being late to my meeting, I displayed a lack of respect and professionalism that cost us an important client and marred our reputation.

I have plans to ensure that it never happens again. I will work hard to make sure that I give myself plenty of time to get to work without chancing being late. Additionally, I have written to the client a letter of apology to help fix some of the harm to the reputation of our company. I hope that my actions will demonstrate my feelings of regret and desire to fix my mistake. I enjoy working for A to Z Security, and I hope to continue the great work.


George Stevenson

George Stevenson