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Apology Letter for Cheating

When cheating occurs in business, there is a level of trust broken. Whether it is a business partner cheating another out of some of the profit or a coworker cheating another out of a client, the hurt caused can make the rest of the company suffer. When you have cheated at work, you should send an apology letter for cheating to those you hurt through your actions. With your letter, you can begin to reconcile and start to work together as a team again.

Format and Content

The content of your letter should include a brief description of the incident, the actions taken to fix the ensuing problems in the company, and how you are ensuring you will never do it again. You should also let your co-worker, boss, or business partner know how much they mean to you, how much you appreciate the company, and how much you hope to be able to work past this incident. The apology letter for cheating format should be formal and written in a heartfelt, sincere way.


When there was a contest to see who would be the best salesman, with the winner getting a weekend trip to New York, Jimmy decided to cheat. When he was discovered, he lost a lot of respect from his fellow employees, and it caused a lot of problems in the department. In this apology letter for cheating sample, Jimmy apologizes to his manager for his actions and explains how he is planning on fixing his mistake.

Dear Mr. Lawrence,

I would like to take this opportunity to apologize for my actions. Cheating on the contest was wrong, and I am very sorry that I chose that course of action. The trip to New York sounded so great, and I knew my sales figures were just not good enough. However, I have now learned that cheating is never the answer.

What I am most sad about is how my actions have affected the entire department. A contest that was supposed to boost morale and bring us closer as a team only became problematic, creating a somber work atmosphere. I am working hard to show my regret to each and every person in the department. I also want everyone, especially you Mr. Lawrence, to know that I plan on never doing it again.

I also have plans to work harder and improve my sales legitimately. There is no reason to cut corners. I hope if there is ever another contest, if I am to win, it will be because I earned it through hard work, not through fixing my numbers. I am very sorry for all the trouble I have caused. Please let me know what more I can do to fix it. I enjoy working here, and I hope to be able to rebuild the trust of everyone in the department.


Jimmy Bluebird