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Apology Letter to Teacher

Teachers have to handle a lot, from grading papers to creating the lesson plans to handling unruly students. Often, teachers have to perform this job with little gratitude from students and parents alike. When a student talks back to a teacher or performs some other inappropriate action, an apology letter to teacher will be greatly appreciated. As a parent, having your child write a letter to his or her teacher will help teach respect and how to take responsibility for his or her actions. These are both beneficial life lessons that will remain with your child forever, along with helping him or her to be a better student.

Format and Content

Generally, letters to teachers should be formal in order to demonstrate respect, as they are an authority figure. The apology letter to teacher format should begin with the apology, move to taking responsibility for the harmful action, and finishing with promising not to act in a similar manner in the future. Additional content should include how much you appreciate the teacher and all he or she does to create a great learning environment and how much you have learned in the class.


As a joke, one freshman decided to put a melted piece of chocolate on his teacher’s chair. Although the results made him popular in his class, it also got him in trouble with the teacher, the principal and his parents. He wrote this apology letter to teacher as part of his reparation for his actions. His teacher really appreciated the letter and forgave him for his pranks.

Dear Mrs. McKinnley,

I want to apologize profusely for my actions the other day. Putting the melted chocolate onto your chair was a juvenile and disrespectful action. Through pulling this prank, I hurt you and I am very sorry for that. I know now I should never have done it, and I promise to never do anything like this again.

You are a marvelous teacher Mrs. McKinnley. I have learned a lot from you this past year. Your class is always fun, and you make learning easy. When I pulled this prank, I disrupted the learning atmosphere in your classroom. Additionally, I made it difficult for you to teach and be given respect. I want you to know that I plan to do anything I can to make this up for you. Although I have been punished with detention, I want to go beyond my punishment to show that I have learned from my mistake, and I hope this letter is one such token.

I hope that you will continue to be a terrific teacher Mrs. McKinnley. You put up with so much of our nonsense with such great abilities. I have the utmost respect for you, and I always have. In the future, I will be sure to act respectfully towards you and will try to create an example for my peers.


Jason Krueger