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Assistant Professor Recommendation Letter

An assistant professor recommendation letter can be written by someone who works in the field of education, often on the college level. The letter can be written on behalf of anyone who desires to be an assistant professor, but many applicants are current graduate assistants working on their doctoral degrees.


This sample assistant professor recommendation letter is written for a professor’s research assistant who is applying for an assistant professorship in the university’s Department of Cellular and Microbiology. The applicant is almost finished with her dissertation and expects to receive her doctorate degree before the start of the fall semester.

Dear Dean Arnold:

It is with pleasure that I recommend my research assistant, Sandra Robinson, for the recently vacated position of assistant professor at XYZ University’s School of Biological Sciences in the Department of Cellular and Microbiology. It has been my privilege to teach Ms. Robinson advanced courses in cellular biology and assist her with lab experiments necessary for her dissertation. She has been extremely valuable to me in my ongoing research into cellular respiration and has expertly edited a number of my journal writings on the subject.

Although Ms. Robinson has been extremely busy assisting me with my research and working on her own dissertation, she still found time to assist another professor on research into the effects of refined sugar on cancer cells. As an individual who has lost a parent to cancer, this research is particularly important to her and making time to assist in the lab is one of her top priorities. Ms. Robinson is, in fact, the only one of my graduate students to have a first author cell paper published in the Journal of Cell Biology. Her paper was exceedingly well-written with all conclusions thoroughly supported by documented research and she received high praise from the Journal editors.

Earlier this year Ms. Robinson submitted a paper that was accepted by the U.S. Council on Cancer Research. She prepared and gave a presentation on her research and findings at the Council’s annual meeting and was able to provide satisfactory responses to all questions from the audience members. She represented XYZ University in a professional and impressive manner. I am confident that she would deliver compelling lectures to students and do a superb job of assisting them with lab work and research papers. She is passionate about her work and I am certain that her passion as well as her extensive knowledge will serve to motivate students who take her courses.

I am pleased to recommend Sandra Robinson for the assistant professor position that is now open in the Department of Cellular and Microbiology in the university’s Biological Sciences School. It would be my honor and privilege to work alongside Ms. Robinson in the microbiology lab and in other areas of the university. I am available for questions or further discussions via cell phone at (555)-555-5555 or email at [email]


Alexander Williams

Alexander G. Williams, Ph.D.

Department Chair, Cellular and Microbiology

School of Biological Sciences

XYZ University