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Caregiver Recommendation Letter

A caregiver recommendation letter can be from anyone but may carry more weight if it is from someone for whom the applicant worked as a caregiver. The letter can be sent to the management of a skilled nursing facility or to someone looking for a caregiver in a private home.


This sample caretaker recommendation letter is for the grown children of an elderly woman who is seeking a caregiver to live with her. The letter is from the son of an elderly lady the applicant cared for over several years until the lady could no longer reside in her home.

Dear McLaughlin Family:

It is my privilege to recommend Jennifer Long to you as a caregiver for your aging mother. Jennifer took wonderful care of my mother at home allowing her to stay in her house four years longer than she would have been able to stay otherwise. That made my mother very happy and was a blessing to the entire family. Jennifer is extremely compassionate and completely trustworthy. My family and I got to know her at our church eight years ago and felt so fortunate to have her live with and care for our mother these last four years.

My mother was partially disabled from the effects of a stroke four years ago. She did not want to leave her home of over 40 years to move into an assisted living facility, but she was unable to live alone. When we heard Jennifer was available we made arrangements for her to move in with my mother and could not have been happier with the situation. My mother died peacefully in her sleep in her beloved home. I understand that Jennifer has applied for a job as a caregiver for your mother and I wanted to tell you how much joy she brought to our family.

While caring for my mother Jennifer performed a variety of daily activities. She assisted my mother with bathing, dressing, preparing and feeding meals and administering medications. She took my mother for walks around the neighborhoodevery day, weather permitting, to allow her to get fresh air regularly. Jennifer drove my mother to routine physician appointments and checkups. She took care of the laundry as well as changing bed linens.

Although we hired a weekly maid service, Jennifer took care of the day-to-day household maintenance. The house was always neat and clean every week when my family and I visited, and my mother was always in good spirits. Jennifer was a wonderful companion for my mother, and she spent time in conversation with her to help keep her mind as sharp as possible.

I hope that you will seriously consider Jennifer Long for the position as your mother’s caregiver. I am confident that you will be as happy with her work as we were. Please feel free to contact me should you want to discuss anything further. I can be reached by cell phone at (555)-555-5555 or via email at [email]


Robert Floyd

Robert Floyd