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Chef Recommendation Letter

A chef recommendation letter may be written by a supervising chef, a culinary school instructor or anyone else who has experienced the food prepared by the applicant. A chef can be employed at a number of different places including a restaurant, a hotel, a resort or even a private home.


This sample chef recommendation letter is written by a chef who works in a small family owned restaurant. It is written on behalf of an assistant or sous chef who is relocating to a neighboring state and is seeking employment as a head chef at a restaurant in that state.

Dear Mr. Beauregard:

I would like to take this opportunity to recommend Kyle Chambers to you to assume the position of chef at your restaurant. He has served as my sous chef at XYZ Eatery for the last three years and has done an amazing job. When I have been ill or on vacation Kyle has run my kitchen exceptionally well with no problems whatsoever. Kyle’s wife has a job opportunity in Chicago that is hard to turn down; therefore the two will be moving there in the next 30 days. It is with sadness that I face Kyle leaving XYZ; however I am more than happy to recommend him for the available chef position at ABC Restaurant. I am confident that Kyle will run your kitchen with style and professionalism.

Immediately after I hired Kyle it became evident to me that he was very talented and capable of accomplishing a great deal more than the typical responsibilities of a sous chef. A quick learner, Kyle has assisted me with managing our inventory, ordering supplies and determining menu prices based on supply costs. He is polite, friendly and has a great relationship with all of our vendors which has served us well any time we have needed extra supplies on short notice. Kyle has a flair for putting ingredients together to come up with a tasty new recipe or an interesting twist on an old one. Some of the more popular items on our menu are Kyle’s creations.

Kyle works exceptionally well under pressure and is a gifted multi-tasker, two talents that are absolutely necessary for a successful chef. He has excellent leadership skills and is well-liked and highly respected by the kitchen staff. A graduate of LMN Culinary School, Kyle also holds a certification from the American Culinary Federation. Stepping into the role of chef would be a natural progression for Kyle as he already has the experience.

It is with sorrow that I see Kyle go, but I know he is destined for tremendous success as a chef. I hope that you will at least try Kyle out on a test basis in your kitchen. I believe you will be extremely pleased and will want him as your chef. If you have any questions or would like to discuss anything further, please call me at (555)-555-5555 or email me at [email]


Sean Allen

Chef Sean Q. Allen

XYZ Eatery