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Child Care Termination Letter

Many parents depend on their child care provider the same way they depend on any other necessity. When a provider terminates the child care agreement, it can cause stress and anxiety. Limit the negative associated with the task by writing a well thought out child care termination letter that justifies your decision.

Format and Content

For most parents, the date the child care will end is the most important aspect of the letter and should be included in the opening paragraph or the child care termination letter formatIf you are dismissing a child from a program based on behavioral issues, use language that is respectful and focus on the positive whenever possible. Include a statement regarding any fees or tuition owed. You may send the letter by mail or give it to the parent in person.


In this example, a daycare provider informs a mother that she has decided to close her child care business. She provides the mother with a 30-day notice of her intent. She uses the majority of the child care termination letter sample to convey her deep affection for the children.

Dear Mrs. Bartle,

With a great deal of sadness, and after much consideration, I have decided to stop providing childcare services in my home. I have cared for children for over 30 years and this decision was extremely difficult. While I realize this decision will cause you some inconvenience, I believe it is the right one based on my personal circumstances. My last day as a child care provider will be June 30, 2013.

Next month, my husband will retire from his job. It has been our dream to travel the U.S. and to visit the places we have only heard about. We intend to begin living our dream before the end of the year. I will miss all of the children terribly but I must put my commitment to my husband first. I hope I can count on your understanding and well wishes.

Thank you for trusting me with the care of Kathy and Jeffery. As you know, I never had children of my own. Caring for the children of others has filled a hole in my heart. Having cared for Kathy and Jeffery since birth, leaving them will be like leaving a piece of my heart behind. I am deeply thankful that I will get toparticipate in one more major milestone in their lives by escorting them to their first day of kindergarten.

I would like to meet with you during the next two weeks to discuss the best method for telling the children of my decision. I do not want them to feel abandoned. If fact, with your permission, I would like to send them postcards of our travels. If you have time, I would appreciate an occasional update on their progress on my Facebook page.

I intend to hold a farewell party for the children on my last day of business. I hope you and your husband will be able to attend. I will send you the details later in the month. I wish you and your family many, many years of happiness.


Jennifer Collingsworth

Mrs. Jennifer Collingsworth