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Consultant Recommendation Letter

A consultant recommendation letter can be for a consultant in virtually any field including business, government, public or private school systems, financial institutions, management, occupational safety, logistics and technology just to name a few. They are typically written by companies or government entities that have recently used the consultant’s services.


This sample consultant recommendation letter is from the owner of an e-business who used the consultant’s services to help find affordable ways to expand the e-business and improve the website’s presence on the internet. It is written to the owner of another e-business who has similar goals and needs help.

Dear Owner E-Licious Sweets:

I am the owner of a home-baked bread website called Breads by Bridget and I have recently benefitted immensely from the e-business consulting services of Robin Reese. My site got off to a strong start two years ago but plateaued in terms of hits and online sales after about eight months. I hired Robin to analyze my online food business and advise me of ways to attract more internet traffic to my site and sell more food products. Judging from how much Robin helped my business, I would recommend her for your e-business as well.

Robin made some changes in my marketing strategies and led me to an new technological solution that I was surprised I could afford. The hits on my site picked up almost overnight as did my sales. She has helped me increase my revenue in some surprising ways. Just by analyzing the way my kitchen is laid out Robin made some adjustments that have enabled me to significantly increase my bread production. In addition, I took Robin’s advice and updated some of my equipment to more energy efficient versions which has lowered my overhead costs.

Robin introduced me to some software that has made a world of difference in how I manage my customer database. Now it takes less than half the time for me to go through my database to determine when it is time to contact certain customers. I never thought I could afford internet advertising, but Bridget has shown me that by improving my production techniques and cutting my energy costs I can increase sales. With the increased sales I have been able to afford to do some strategic advertising which has further increased my sales.

I could not be more pleased with the way Robin has helped my e-business. She was not only an expert at making business improvements, but a genuinely nice person. She patiently answered my many questions, explained marketing and production concepts with which I was not familiar and made me feel comfortable with the changes.

If you are looking for ways to grow your e-business, make your processes more efficient and produce more for less cost, I highly recommend Robin Reese’s consulting services. I believe that you would be very pleased with the results. Please feel free to contact me for more information at (555)-555-5555 or [email]

Warm Regards,

Bridget Harris

Bridget Harris

Breads by Bridget