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Counselor Recommendation Letter

A counselor can work independently, for a school, a church, a government or a mental healthcare practice and a counselor recommendation letter can be written by an employer, a fellow counselor or even a patient. The letter can be written to a person seeking a counselor or a prospective employer.


This sample counselor recommendation letter is from a psychologist who owns a private counseling practice in a large city. It is written on behalf of a counselor who wants to move out of the busy urban area to a smaller rural community and is seeking employment in the that area.

Dear Dr. Powell:

I am pleased to recommend Frank Baker for the position of counselor that is currently available with XYZ Counseling Services, LLC. Frank has served my practice and the patients well over the last nine years and it is with sadness that I see him go. He and his wife have two small children and have elected to relocate and raise them in a smaller rural community in north Georgia rather than the more congested urban area of Atlanta.

One of the most helpful aspects of Frank’s tenure here at ABC Counseling is the fact that he is fluent in Spanish. Growing up with an American father and an Hispanic mother, Frank learned both languages simultaneously beginning at a very young age. He has played an integral role with the counseling services provided to our Hispanic population and it will be difficult to replace him in that capacity. He not only communicates well verbally, but has an understanding of the problems confronted by patients who are, not only struggling with psychological issues, but must face a language barrier too. I know that he is uniquely qualified to serve the Hispanic population in your community as well.

Another area in which Frank has excelled is working with adolescents who are struggling with troubling issues in their home environments and being disruptive in their classrooms at school. Frank uses a variety of counseling methods based on each young person’s specific background and behavioral issues. With each one he takes into account and respects individual differences, experiences and values; provides realistic goals; encourages the patients in appropriate self-expression and communicates a genuine interest and concern for each patient. He has made a tremendous difference in the lives of many of the adolescentsthat have come through this practice.

Frank is progressive-minded and is constantly looking for ways to improve his counseling approach. He possesses a through and current knowledge of the discipline and continually assesses the effectiveness of the counseling services he provides by reviewing his cases. A highly talented counselor, Frank holds himself to a high standard of performance and professionalism and is a committed advocate for his patients.

It is my privilege to recommend Frank Baker to you and your practice. I hope you will seriously consider him for the counseling position. I assure you, you will not be disappointed.


Jonathan Tate

Jonathan S. Tate, Ph.D.

ABC Counseling Group, LLC