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Denied Application Letter

Notifying applicants they will not be considered for a position is an unpleasant but necessary part of the hiring process. How managers handle this task says a lot about the way they treat their employees and their customers. The denied application letter notifies an applicant he or she will not be considered for the position. Crafting a letter that is courteous, to the point and professional is vital for maintaining a reputation as an employer that cares about people.

Format and Content

The content of the letter should be limited to necessary information. Lessen the sting of the rejection by focusing on company reasons for the denial instead of the personal qualifications of the applicant.Personalize the letter with the applicant’s name and address. The denied application letter format begins by acknowledging receipt of the application followed by the reason for the rejection. Close the letter on a positive note. Keep the tone of the letter respectful. You can invite the applicant to apply for future openings, but only if you believe he or she is a good fit for your organization.


This denied application letter sampleis for an applicant whose application was received after the company’s deadline. The hiring manager is polite and gets straight to the point in the opening paragraph. The applicant’s skills and experience are highly desirable, soshe is encouraged to apply again.The letter protects the feelings of the applicant by focusing on the missed deadline and by positive comments regarding her qualifications.

Dear Ms. Dunham,

We appreciate your interest in Burch Electronics Incorporated. We received your application and resume for the position of Office Manager. Unfortunately, we will not be able to consider your application for this position. The posted closing date for applying for this position was August 25, 2013. We received your application on September 3, 2013.

Our interview process for this position is well underway. After reviewing the applications received by the deadline, we believe we have identified a candidate to fill this position. Although I cannot consider your application for this position, I am impressed with your qualifications. I encourage you to check the career page of our website, located at,and to apply for other posted positions for which you qualify.

It is our company policy to retain all applications for a period of 6 months and to reconsider the applications when new positions become available. Please log in to the account you created when you applied and delete your application if you do not want to be considered for other openings within our organization.

I wish you success with your job search. I have no doubts that a person with your skills and experience will find a position in the near future. Again, I encourage you to reapply to our organization in the future. Thank youfor your interest in our company.


Andrew Coleman

Mr. Andrew Coleman

Burch Electronics Incorporated

General Manager