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Dental Assistant Recommendation Letter

A dental assistant recommendation letter may be written for a recent graduate of a technical school program or an already-established dental assistant working in a practice. Such a letter is typically written by an instructor or a licensed dentist, but can also be written by a co-worker or a patient.


This sample dental assistant recommendation letter is written by a dentist on behalf of his dental assistant who is relocating to another state and looking for work. The assistant’s husband is being discharged from active military duty and they are moving to their home state to be closer to family.

Dear Dental Professional:

I am writing this letter to recommend Katy Harris for the position of dental assistant in your practice of dentistry. Katy has worked as my dental assistant for the past ten years, but is relocating to Florida due to her husband’s military discharge and return from Afghanistan. I will miss Katy terribly, both professionally and personally; however I am confident that she will successfully serve the patients in another dental practice near her new home.

Katy joined my practice right out of technical school and has handled a myriad of duties over the years with skill and professionalism. Along with working chair side with me during dental procedures, Katy sterilizes and prepares the instruments, takes impressions of teeth for models, exposes and develops x-rays, applies fluoride and sealants and provides dental hygiene, preventive dentistry and dietary instructions to patients. She is popular among the patients, particularly children who find her cheerful disposition to be calming and reassuring. One of her special talents is efficiently but politely moving patients through the process from waiting room to chair to exit so that our appointments do not get behind, but remain on schedule.

In addition to back office duties she is also trained and skilled at handling front office duties when necessary. Katy is proficient at appointment scheduling, phone management, record keeping, insurance filing and billing. She is knowledgeable about ordering supplies and has bookkeeping, accounting and money management skills as well. Katy is also responsible for making sure our infection control standards are current and are implemented and documented properly.She also possesses a number of lab skills like pouring models and fabricating temporary dental crowns.

It is with pleasure that I recommend my employee and friend, Katy Harris, to you for a position as a dental assistant in your practice. She will be greatly missed by the patients, staff and I here at Super Smiles, Inc., but we all wish Katy and her husband, Scott, all the best as Scott returns from Afghanistan and the family moves back home to Florida. I hope you will strongly consider Katy for a position in your practice. I believe you will find her to be a skilled, dedicated and loyal employee. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions by phone at (555)-555-5555 or by email at [email]

Yours Sincerely,

Karen Thomas

Karen T. Thomas, DMD

Super Smiles, Inc.