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Doctor Recommendation Letter

A doctor recommendation letter is often written by a supervising physician on behalf of a doctor seeking some type of promotion, a more prestigious position or a job at another facility. Such a letter may also be written by a hospital administrator or a member of a board of directors.


This sample doctor recommendation letter is written by a Chief of Psychiatry on behalf of another psychiatrist seeking a more challenging position at a larger hospital. The applicant has enjoyed a successful psychiatry career thus far at a rural hospital but desires the faster-paced environment of a large urban facility.

Dear Dr. Myers:

I am writing this letter on behalf of my staff psychiatrist, Dr. Scott Jackson, who has served XYZ Community Hospital with skill and professionalism for the past decade. He has demonstrated expertise in both the administrative and clinical aspects of psychiatry, and has taken over the management of the Department of Psychiatry at XYZ Community Hospital during my occasional absences. I am confident he has the skill set necessary to handle the challenges in the psychiatric ward of your large urban medical center.

We recently increased the size of both our substance abuse treatment facility and our mental health outpatient clinic. Dr. Jackson played a significant role in the changes implemented in our updated facilities in terms of the lay out of the facilities and the traffic flow. Even more importantly, Dr. Jackson showed exceptional skill in selecting the right staff and interns to serve the mental health needs of our community. His concern and expertise in this area has been most advantageous to our community.

Dr. Jackson helped develop the Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Program here at XYZ Community Hospital. Our proximity to a large military base has made this program crucial in the support of the military hospital’s efforts to treat patients plagued with the disorder upon their return from Afghanistan and Iraq. Dr. Jackson’s competence, compassion and high ethical standards have succeeded in helping these patients return to their families, neighborhoods and occupations fully able to successfully cope with their mental health challenges.

Another successful program which Dr. Jackson helped develop is our Psychiatry Internship Program. Designed for students beginning their fourth year of medical school, Dr. Jackson was instrumental in developing the seminar curriculum, scheduling clinical assignments, arranging for supervision of the interns and coordinating with the psychiatry departments of the two medical schools the program supports. Our program is officially approved by the American Psychiatric Association and not only benefits the students who receive hands-on training, but has greatly benefitted our patient population as well.

It is with pleasure that I recommend my esteemed colleague, Dr. Scott Jackson, for the position of staff psychiatrist at ABC City Medical Center. I am happy to further discuss Dr. Jackson’s unique qualifications for this position should you find that necessary. You may feel free to contact me at (555)-555-5555 or via email at [email]


Edward Taylor

Edward P. Taylor, M.D.

Chief of Psychiatry

XYZ Community Hospital