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Elementary Teacher Recommendation Letter

An elementary teacher recommendation letter can be written by anyone who has worked closely enough with any applicants to authoritatively comment on their teaching abilities. A recommendation letter for a teacher can be for someone just out of college who has completed a student teaching program or an established teacher.


This sample elementary teacher recommendation letter is written by a teacher on behalf of the student teacher she worked with for the past year. The applicant has completed all college requirements, graduated, taken exams administered by the state board and received his license to teach in the state of Virginia.

Dear Principal Simmons:

I am writing this letter on behalf of Mr. Joshua Kent who has served as my student teacher for fourth grade science this school year. The students and I thoroughly enjoyed having Mr. Kent in the classroom. His passion for science is contagious as is his energy and enthusiasm. He was just as excited about teaching scientific concepts when working with my learning disabilities class as he was working with my academically gifted class, and all of the students benefitted tremendously from Mr. Kent’s love for teaching science.

In the middle of the first semester, Mr. Kent developed a fascinating mini-unit on flight which required many hours of research on his part after first assessing each class’s prior knowledge on the subject. The students were instructed to investigate the principles of flight and associated concepts by using scientific methods that included gathering and recording data, making predictions and developing hypotheses and evidence-based explanations. The hands-on aspect of the mini-unit held the students’ interest and brought out the young scientist in each one.

During the second semester Mr. Kent taught a particularly interesting mini-unit on electricity. He skillfully planned the unit developing investigation-based lessons and hands-on experiments. The students were challenged to use their knowledge of basic circuitry to find multiple ways to light a bulb using one wire, one battery and one bulb. Mr. Kent’s progressive approach to teaching is highly motivational for the students. He has a gift for sparking class discussions that generate enthusiasm among virtually all students, holding their attention and helping them remember the day’s lesson.

Mr. Kent has always been well-prepared for class. He has excellent written and verbal communication skills and is extremely computer literate. He has proven to be very organized and highly dependable this year. I have total confidence in his ability to command a classroom without supervision. His innovative techniques and positive attitude will benefit every student.

It is without reservation that I recommend Mr. Joshua Kent for the open position of fifth grade science teacher here at XYZ Elementary School. I am confident that he will make a valuable addition to the teaching staff and I believe our fifth graders will soar in science under Mr. Kent’s tutelage. I will be happy to schedule a meeting with you should you wish to discuss this recommendation further.


Deborah Brown

Deborah Brown

Fourth Grade Science

Department Chair

XYZ Elementary School