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Employment Reference Letter

An employment reference letter is written on behalf of an individual who is applying for a job. It may be written by almost anyone except relatives. Most potential employers prefer reference letters written by individuals who are not related to the applicant. Reference letters from former employers are particularly helpful.


This is a sample employment reference letter for a hospital business office employee who wishes to relocate to another city for the purpose of living closer to elderly parents. The letter is written to a hospital business office director by the individual’s manager at the hospital where he is currently employed.

Dear Ms. Callaway:

It is with pleasure that I recommend David Smith for the position of senior patient account representative at XYZ Medical Center. He has been working in the business office at ABC Medical Center for 11 years. David came to us out of business school and began working as a clerk in our mail room. He quickly advanced up the ladder and now holds the position of patient accounts coordinator. He still works directly with patients to resolve their medical bills; however he also supervises a group of patient account representatives who work with patients and commercial insurance companies.

David came to me last month explaining that his parents are experiencing some health challenges and that he needed to move closer to them and his siblings. This action serves to illustrate David’s strong sense of duty which is evident in his job performance. He has met every challenge placed before him, whether planned or unexpected, with enthusiasm and determination. David faced the challenges of our recent computer system conversion with professionalism, quickly learning the system applications, understanding how they integrate to perform business office functions and skillfully and patiently communicating the new processes and procedures to his team of patient account representatives.

In addition to effectively supervising his team, David works well with patients and their families always showing compassion while resolving their medical bills and dealing with their insurance carriers. He excelled in his organizational skills and demonstrated his ability to remain calm in a crisis when our facility faced a massive influx of patients coming through our Emergency Department following an airplane crash in the area. He was part of the team that was sent from our business office to the Emergency Department to assist the staff in checking in patients, notifying family and verifying insurance coverage. I personally selected David for this task knowing that he had the skill set to handle the crisis.

I am sorry to lose David and his expertise in my business office, but admire and respect his commitment to his family. I firmly believe he has the potential to continue advancing on to a management level in a hospital business office setting. I strongly encourage you to consider David’s application and call him in for an interview. Please contact me for further questions at (555)-555-5555 or at [email]

Best Regards,

Stanley Asher

Stanley V. Asher, CPA

Business Office Manager

ABC Medical Center