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English Teacher Recommendation Letter

An English teacher recommendation letter can be for a recent college graduate who is applying for a teaching position or for an established teacher who is relocating to a different area or a different school. It can be from another teacher, a principal or anyone familiar with the teacher’s abilities.


This sample English teacher recommendation letter is for a successful teacher established in her career who desires to move closer to her family, particularly her aging parents. It is written by the head of the English Department at the high school where the applicant teaches English literature and composition courses.

Dear High School English Department Chair:

It is with mixed emotions that I write this letter of recommendation for Ms. Haley Patterson. An outstanding English Teacher here at Four Clovers High School for the past eleven years, Ms. Patterson is planning to move back to New Hampshire to be closer to her aging parents and siblings. Although she will be fiercely missed by the students, teaching staff and administrators, we support her decision to make family responsibilities a top priority at this time. I highly recommend Ms. Patterson for the position of English teacher at ABC High School and assure you she would be an enthusiastic teacher of the highest caliber should you choose to offer her a contract.

Ms. Patterson possesses superior verbal and written communication skills along with a genuine love for the English language. She has been teaching our after school SAT and ACT preparation classes for the past five years and our students’ scores on the English portions of both tests have significantly improved. In addition to teaching students the concepts and skills that they will need to achieve high scores on standardized and advanced placement tests, she teaches the seniors practical skills such as resume writing techniques, job interview skills and advises them on how to write a college application essay that will stand out among all the others reviewed by college admissions departments.

She is exceedingly popular among the students having been voted Teacher of the Year by the student body twice during her tenure here. She has also been named Educator of the Year by the County Board of Education based on the high test scores achieved by her students. Ms. Patterson also sponsors the Drama Club which produces an entertaining and much-anticipated Shakespeare Dinner Theater every year in April.

I am happy to recommend Ms. Haley Patterson for the available teaching position in the English Department at ABC High School. I hope that you will seriously consider her application and take the time to interview her. I am confident that you would not be disappointed should you decide to hire Ms. Patterson for this position. I am available after 3pm if you have questions or would like to discuss her work at Four Clovers in more detail. You may contact me by phone at (555)-555-5555 or via email at [email]

Warm Regards,

Lydia Collins

Lydia C. Collins

English Department Chair

Four Clovers High School