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Financial Aid Appeal Letter Due To Maximum Time Frame

Students who are receiving financial aid to help pay for their college educations are bound by the federal government to finish their degrees within a specified period of time or their monetary assistance will run out. Some students may face extenuating circumstances that prevent them from completing their courses in time and these students have the option of writing a financial aid appeal letter due to maximum time frame.

Format and Content

Most colleges and universities require students to submit certain forms as part of their financial aid appeal letter due to maximum time frame format. The letter should contain the student’s Social Security number, Student ID number, all contact information, how many hours have been completed and how many hours need to be completed for the degree requirements. The letter should explain the reasons the degree has not been completed within the scholarship timeframe and what steps will be taken to finish the degree as soon as possible.


There are a number of reasons students may not be able to complete their degree requirements within the time specified for their financial assistance such as the ones detailed in this financial aid appeal letter due to maximum time frame sample. This particular student had to cut his hours back to part-time in order to help run his family’s business while his father went through cancer treatment. As a result, the time frame has run out and his financial aid has been discontinued even though he has not completed his degree program.

Dear Dr. Tucker,

My name is Joshua Green and I am writing to appeal the discontinuation of my financial aid due to reaching the maximum time frame. Had I not been faced with some unexpected circumstances, I would have had my coursework completed and I would have graduated with my Bachelor’s degreeby now. Unfortunately a serious family problem arose that demanded my attention at the beginning of my senior year and I had to cut my hours in half. Consequently I was not able to complete my degree in the time frame specified in my financial aid package.

My father owns an automotive business. This company has been in our family for three generations. My father was diagnosed with colon cancer in September 2012. It was necessary for my younger brother and me to reduce our hours in college so that we could attend classes just 2 days a week and spend the other days running the business. I was very grateful for my brother’s willingness to put in as much time as I did or I would have had to quit college altogether.

My father has now completed his treatment and has been declared cancer-free. I want to appeal to the financial aid department to allow me a one-year extension. I am confident I will be able to complete my degree in that time frame. Thank you for considering my extenuating circumstances. I am available to answer any questions at your convenience.


Joshua Green

Joshua T. Green