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Financial Aid Appeal Letter for Bad Grades

There can be a number of reasons that students perform poorly in their college courses ranging from an unexpected illness to excessive partying.A poor grade point average can cause students to loose financial assistance and scholarships. In some cases, a financial aid appeal letter for bad grades can help a student earn a second chance. Depending on a student’s circumstances, it is possible for a financial aid department to make exceptions to rules.

Format and Content

It is important to clearly explain any extenuating circumstances that caused a drop in grades as part of a financial aid appeal letter for bad grades format. You should also find out to whom the letter needs to be addressed or at the very least the proper department. Most colleges and universities require that specific forms be completed to accompany an appeal letter and most also have deadlines for submission of appeal letters and forms. It is vital that you follow all rules and directions when submitting an appeal for bad grades.


An unexpected illness or injury are common reasons for students to experience a decline in grade point averages, and this financial aid appeal letter for bad grades sample is from a student who was hospitalized for pneumonia during the semester. She became ill, was diagnosed with pneumonia and spent 12 days in the hospital and another week recovering at home with her parents. This unexpected setback caused her to get behind in all of her classes and she never completely caught up resulting in poor grades and a drop in her GPA below the 3.0 requirement to maintain her financial aid.

Dear Dr. Vance,

I would like to appeal the loss of my financial aid due to bad grades and briefly explain my extenuating circumstances to you. I am sure that you can look at my record for the past two years and see that my grades this last semester are very unusual for me. I had a cold that went into bronchitis which eventually turned in to pneumonia. I tried to keep going but collapsed on October 16 during my Microbiology II class and was transported by ambulance to the local hospital.

I was diagnosed with double pneumonia, admitted and stayed in the hospital for the next 12 days. Upon being discharged on October 28, I was so weak that my parents took me home for a week. I returned to class November 4 and found that I was extremely behind in my courses. Since the time to drop a class with no penalty had already passed I felt that my only choice was to work very hard and try to catch up.

Although I did work hard and took advantage of tutoring services, I am pre-med and, therefore, have a very challenging schedule including Microbiology II, Chemistry III, Anatomy 1102 and Principles of Pharmaceuticals. I passed all of my classes with C’s which caused my GPA to drop to a 2.9 which is .1 lower than the 3.0 minimum to maintain my financial aid. I am completely recovered now and can assure you that, if given one more semester, I will raise my GPA to over 3.0 in the next semester. I have attached all required appeal forms and ask that you lease consider my request. Thank you in advance.


Ariel Waters

Ariel Waters