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Firefighter Recommendation Letter

A firefighter recommendation letter can be written by anyone other than a relative, but it is often written by another firefighter who recognizes the necessary characteristics in an applicant that are needed to be a successful and effective firefighter. Such a letter is usually written to the area fire chief.


This sample firefighter recommendation letter is from a fellow firefighter in a large urban fire department and is written on behalf of an applicant who is a volunteer firefighter but desires to make firefighting his full-time profession. The letter is written to the ultimate decision maker, the city fire chief.

Dear Fire Chief:

I am writing this letter on behalf of Joseph Pike who has served honorably for the last three years with the ABC City Volunteer Fire Department. We both know that we would have been in dire straits on a number of occasions over the years were it not for the efforts of the brave firefighters who volunteer their services to back us up when we need them. In my five years serving the fire department, I have seen few firefighters who show the level of calm determination, skillful teamwork and sheer courage that I have witnessed from Joe when faced with a fire and medical emergency. I believe he would make an excellent addition to the ABC City Fire Department.

I am sure you remember the medal Joe was awarded by the mayor for his skill and bravery when the twin engine commuter airplane crashed on Interstate 65 in January. The Volunteer Fire Department was first on the scene. Upon arrival, Joe approached the burning airplane and noted fuel leaking from the tank. He then witnessed the unconscious pilot still strapped in his seat. Joe forcibly boarded the plane, cut the pilot’s safety belts and removed him from the plane moments before an explosion engulfed the plane in flames. He then administered emergency medical treatment to the pilot, stabilizing him for transport to the nearest medical facility.

Joe is already a certified EMT-P paramedic and has two years’ experience administering emergency medical treatment to victims on the scenes of fires. He has passed the Candidate Physical Ability Test (CPAT) and is prepared to sit for the written exam. Joe has a clean driving record, a valid Class D driver’s license and has passed the hearing and vision tests along with the criminal background check. Joe has been one of my closest friends since our days on the ABC City High School Football Team and I can vouch for his moral character.

It is my honor to recommend Joseph Pike for a spot on the team of firefighters with the ABC City Fire Department. Having known Joe since high school I can guarantee that he is the caliber of firefighter with the type of personal integrity that ABC City wants in the department. If you have any questions, please call me at (555)-555-5555 or email me at [email]


Wesley Cook

Wesley Cook,

Firefighter 27th Precinct

ABC City Fire Department