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Graphic Designer Recommendation Letter

A graphic designer recommendation letter can be written by a fellow graphic designer, an art director or someone else in a management position over a team of graphic designers. It can also be written by a professor or other instructor where the applicant took classes in graphic design and art.


This sample graphic designer recommendation letter is written by an art director on behalf of a student who recently graduated from art school with a degree in graphic design. The student worked for the art director during a summer internship and is now applying for a permanent full time job.

Dear Human Resources Director:

It is with pleasure that I recommend Emily Derek for the available position of entry level graphic designer here at XYZ Custom Design Firm. Emily worked for me last summer during an internship while she was still attending the ABC State University School of Art and Design. I was immensely pleased with her level of talent, her diligent efforts and her willingness to work on any project. Considering the fact that she is already familiar with our work flow here at XYZ and we know how she works, I believe Emily is a logical choice to fill our vacant position.

She has experience working on illustrations, newsletters, reports, invitations, posters, displays and brochures for a number of our clients. Emily is proficient on all of the latest versions of the most cutting edge design software and is always eager to learn new skills. Our clients have been impressed with her range of knowledge, her ability to meet tight deadlines and the excellent quality of her work. In my view, we already know that Emily is a good fit for XYZ.

Along with her creative abilities and technical skills, she has a talent for marketing as well. She participated in a trade show during her summer internship and recruited several new clients that we have been able to maintain. The prospective clients at the trade show were impressed with Emily’s vivacious personality and boundless energy, and they were even more impressed with the high quality graphic designs she was able to produce for them.

I understand that during her last year in college she became proficient at animation which is not something that is part of our service offerings. She learned how to use the latest computer generated imagery software this year; therefore adding Emily to our staff would allow us to add animation to our repertoire. This would give us an opportunity to provide a new slate of service offerings to our current clients and further solidify XYZ as a leader in the industry.

I hope you will consider Emily Derek for the open position of graphic designer. I believe she is just what we are looking for. Please contact me if you have questions or would like to discuss this further. I can be reached by cell phone at (555)-555-5555 or via email at [email]


Joy King

Joy A. King

Art Director

XYZ Custom Design Firm