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Guidance Counselor Recommendation Letter

A guidance counselor can work in an elementary, middle or high school and addresses different issues depending on the age of the students. A guidance counselor recommendation letter can be written by an administrator, a supervising counselor, a teacher, some other professional associate or even the parent of a student.


This sample guidance counselor recommendation letter is for a middle school guidance counselor who wishes to transition to the local high school and continue her career in counseling. The letter is written by the principal of the middle school and is addressed to the principal of the high school.

Dear Principal Stanley:

It is my pleasure to recommend Chloe Martin to you to fill the open position of guidance counselor at Washington High School. As you know, Chloe is currently one of the counselors here at Washington Middle School and desires to transition into the high school environment. As much as I will miss having Chloe on the counseling staff at the middle school, I am happy to support her as she endeavors to take her career to the next level.

Counseling middle school children brings some unique challenges as they navigate their way through a confusing and sometimes awkward time. She has intervened in bullying situations and brought about successful resolutions. Chloe has provided encouragement and practical assistance for students who struggle with social problems and have trouble making friends. I believe she will be able to make the necessary adjustments in her counseling methods and techniques to transition from working with middle school aged students to counseling high school students.

Chloe is especially gifted at working with students who have learning disabilities. Her ability to recognize the first signs of learning disabilities and the early intervention techniques she has implemented have helped students get back on track academically as well as socially. The students with whom Chloe has worked who struggle with dyslexia and auditory processing disorders have experienced significant improvements in their ability to comprehend class instructions and accomplish their assigned work.

She administers and evaluates a plethora of student tests designed to help the counseling staff understand how to best serve each student. Chloe assists students in identifying both their strengths and weaknesses which helps to give them direction. She also works well with parents to educate them in regards to the connection between a nurturing home and academic achievement, and she helps teachers understand how to effectively work with some of their more challenging students.

I am able to provide detailed work records for Chloe Martin if that would help you make your decision. I hope you will seriously consider Chloe for the position of high school guidance counselor. I believe she will make a tremendous difference in the lives of your students as she has here at the middle school. Please call me if you have questions or wish to discuss my recommendation further. I can be reached at (555)-555-5555 or by email at [email]


Ginger Henderson

Ginger R. Henderson, Ph.D.


Washington Middle School