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Internship Letter of Recommendation

Creating a positive first impression is one of the most important elements of the interview process. An internship letter of recommendation sets the stage for this important encounter, especially when it is filled with direct examples of achievements. This letter carries more weight than a traditional cover letter because it is from a third party. It gives a potential employer an inside glimpse of the applicants skills and personality traits as well as the potential fit between the applicant and the hiring organization.

Format and Content

The internship letter of recommendation format clearly outlines the connection between the person writing the letter and the person recommended in the letter. It should highlight the demonstrated skills and abilities of the person recommended based on direct knowledge gained through the intern / supervisor relationship. Include specific examples of work related accomplishments as well as academic accomplishments and awards. For some industries, people skills and personality traits are equally important.


This internship letter of recommendation sample is for an applicant who is graduating from college and seeking employment. She has worked as an intern for the same company for six years. Upon graduating, she wishes to secure a position with an organization in the nonprofit sector.

Dear Mr. Stevenson,

It is my pleasure to recommend Haley Davidson for the marketing position at your company. Haley began working for me six years ago as a junior in high school. Since that time, I have watched her grow into a capable, vibrant and confident professional. Haley approaches each day as a new opportunity to succeed. She inspires others with her friendly demeanor and positive attitude. Haley’s academic achievements are outstanding but it is her professional acumen that clearly distinguishes her from others.I hired Haley as a marketing intern based on the glowing recommendations of her teachers. Initially, I assigned her easy tasks, such as answering phones and running errands within the company. I quickly realized this was a waste of her skills and abilities.

Haley thrives on challenge and blossoms when given assignments that utilize her analytical and creative talents. She is highly motivated and driven by a need to succeed. She completes her tasks quickly and efficiently with enthusiasm and a smile on her face.

Haley’s proactive attitude has served my company well. For example, she used a slow workday as an opportunity to reorganize my filing system, complete with color-coding. Since then, I have deployed her high-efficiency system throughout the organization. On another occasion, she took it upon herself to develop a new customer satisfaction program. I am thrilled to say Haley’s initiative has led to the highest customer satisfaction scores in our company’s 60-year history. She possesses superior written and verbal communication skills and was actively involved in client presentations.

I have absolutely no doubt Haley will be an invaluable asset to the company fortunate enough to hire her. Although I would love to keep her on staff, it is Haley’s desire to utilize her degree in marketing communications for the benefit of a nonprofit organization. It would be my honor to answer any questions you have concerning Haley. My cell phone number is (555)-555-5555 or you can reach me via my email at [email]


Jeff Lewis

Jeff Lewis

CEO, Jacksonville Employment Agency