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IT Manager Recommendation Letter

An IT manager recommendation letter is for an information technology expert who manages a department or team of technology specialists that handle ongoing IT work and special projects. It can be written by virtually anyone who is in a position to comment with authority on the applicant’s caliber of work.


This sample IT manager recommendation letter is for an IT manager who works for a mid-size accounting firm and has applied for a more challenging and higher paying job at a larger firm. It is written by an Information Technology Department Director who has supervised the applicant for several years.

Dear Human Resources Director:

It is my privilege to recommend Oliver Sikes to you for the position of IT Manager at XYZ Accounting Firm. Oliver has worked for me as an IT Manager for the past six years here at ABC Accounting Firm. His leadership and communication skills when working with staff are near flawless, and his knowledge and expertise in the IT arena are second to none. I am exceedingly sorry to lose Oliver and his talent; but I have no further promotions to offer him here at ABC (other than my job) and he absolutely deserves to advance his career. He is highly qualified to handle more than is currently required of him.

We have had some stringent deadlines to meet on some very tight budgets since the economic downturn in 2008 and Oliver has delivered on every one without fail. He is highly dependable. When Oliver takes on an IT project, we know he will follow through and personally ensure that ever small detail is properly handled. He is an extremely effective manager with superior organizational skills. When Oliver assembles his team for an initial project meeting, he already has a firm course of action in place with a contingency plan ready in the event of unforeseen circumstances.

One of Oliver’s particular talents is motivating and energizing his IT team. He is an expert at determining each team member’s strengths and weaknesses and delegating work accordingly. He gets the most out of his resources and works alongside them in the trenches as each deadline approaches. He has always completed tasks on time turning in quality work of the highest standards. He gives credit to team members and always expresses his appreciation. Oliver is well-liked and respected by his entire IT team and will be sorely missed.

It is with mixed emotions that I assist Oliver in moving on to the next professional chapter in his career. Although I will never be able to replace him, I want to see Oliver reach his maximum potential in the IT world. Please consider Oliver Sikes for the available position of IT Manager at XYZ Accounting Firm. I am confident you will be pleased with his ability and his professionalism. Please contact me if you have questions or wish to further discuss his qualifications at (555)-555-5555 or via email at [email]


Miranda Patterson

Miranda V. Patterson

Information Technology Director

ABC Accounting Firm