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Job Agreement Letter

A job agreement letter is a letter from a potential employer to the potential hire, stating all relevant information about a specific job. This letter needs to include all the small print that employment requires such as what is expected from the employee, and describe all the rules and benefits relating to the job. This letter would be reviewed by the employee and then signed after he or she accepts the defined terms.

Format and Content

The job agreement letter format should be like a basic formal letter, starting off with all of the employee’s contact information. After a proper salutation and introductory paragraph, the letter must include: a basic job description, salary details, how bonuses work, vacation and other benefits, any non-compete clauses and termination processes. It is also a good idea to include privacy policies if the company has one. Wrap up the letter with a place for the employee to sign the agreement (additional legal wording may be needed, depending on the industry).


This job agreement letter sample is for a boutique gift store hiring a sales representative. The letter includes all the job details, including benefits, along with a number of other important details agreed upon with the employee. The new sales representative will review a copy of the agreement, sign it and return it to the employer if there are no issues. In this example, the letter does not require witnesses or a notary, but they can be easily added.

Dear Mrs. Smith:

Welcome to Lavender Memories. We are pleased to present this letter of agreement to document our discussion about your employment. We look forward to you joining our team. This letter will cover in detail everything we discussed in person. It is important that you read it carefully so you clearly understand our expectations and all of the benefits related to your position. Please alert us to any questions, otherwise sign and return this letter.

Job Description: As our head sales representative, you will not only work in the store, but also handle all of our large corporate customers. Other duties will include reviewing purchases for specific clients, overseeing the shop clerk, double-checking inventory and basic marketing work in the community.

Hours: You will be expected to work between 9am – 5pm, Monday through Friday, in the store excepting off-site meetings with clients at their places of business. Occasionally, you will be expected to attend community events both during and after work hours. Lavender Memories will cover the cost of these functions.

Salary: Your base salary is $_______ per month ($_______ annual salary). We reserve the right to change your salary on reasonable notice.

Bonuses: For any new corporate client, you will receive a 10% commission. Christmas bonuses are evaluated annually.

Employee Benefits: After six months of employment you will be eligible for employee benefits including healthcare. All major holidays are off, and you will have one week of paid vacation. A membership to the local community center will be covered by Lavender Memories.

Non-Complete: You will agree to not work for any other specialty store or competitor for up to one year after employment.

Termination: You are required to give 2 weeks’ notice if you leave the company. We will give 30 days’ notice before termination excluding extreme circumstances such as theft.

If any part of this agreement is determined to be invalid, it will render the entire agreement invalid.

Please review the company’s handbook which includes our privacy policy.


Seth Lawson

Seth Lawson


Lavender Memories

I have read and understood this agreement and voluntarily accept the terms of employment.


Date ________________________________