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Lecturer Recommendation Letter

A lecturer recommendation letter can be for any type of lecturer, for example one who lectures on the university circuit, one who addresses professional organizations or one who addresses executives on business retreats. Such a letter is typically written by an individual who has hired the lecturer in the past.


This sample lecturer recommendation letter is written by an art history professor who hired the individual to serve as a guest lecturer during an art appreciation week at a university. The letter is written to an art history professor at another university encouraging her to contract with the lecturer too.

Dear Dr. Avondale:

It is with great pleasure that I recommend the fascinating lecturer, Dr. Ginger Gecko, to serve as a keynote speaker during your annual Art History Recognition Week. Dr. Gecko spoke at one of the events held at XYZ University during our recent Art History Celebration Week, and the students were positively captivated. Dr. Gecko’s fee is extremely reasonable, especially when taking into account her vast array of knowledge about the world of art and the history of the artists and their works.

Although Dr. Gecko is known for being concise, her talks are vibrant and interesting and keep her audiences enthralled. Her lectures on some of the gifted artists of modern times such as Jackson Pollack, Salvadore Dali and Andy Warholare particularly spellbinding as her art historian parents were personal friends of these famous artists. She has photographs of and written notes by the artists that no one else in the world possesses.

There are few art history lecturers in the country who have a spectrum of knowledge equal to that of Dr. Gecko and few who can match her in speaking talent. The pace of her lectures is brisk but the information is not too difficult to absorb. She possesses knowledge that is not readily available in art history books and not commonly heard from other art lecturers. Dr. Gecko is passionate about art, artists and their works and she generates tremendous curiosity among the students inciting them to research and learn more about the history of art in various countries and in different eras.

Dr. Gecko also has an intriguing series of lectures on artists of the impressionist era and their works, both famous and obscure. The lives and works of Claude Monet, Edgar Degas, Paul Cezanne, Mary Cassatt and many other impressionists come to life during Dr. Gecko’s lectures. She can make the audience feel like they know the artists personally by the end of every lecture and also gives the audience a clearer understanding of each magnificent work of art presented in her lecture.

I recommend Dr. Ginger Gecko and her lectures to you without reservation. I hope you will give her an opportunity to address your students during your Art History Recognition Week. Please contact me should you need additional information at (555)-555-5555 or [email]

Warm Regards,

Travis Williamson

Travis T. Williamson, Ph.D.

Professor Emeritus

School of Art and Design

ABC State University