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Manager Recommendation Letter

A manager recommendation letter can be written for any kind of manager in any industry. It can be written by another manager, a department director, a company president, or anyone who has firsthand knowledge of the individual’s management abilities; however most employers will not accept a recommendation from a relative.


This sample manager recommendation letter is written on behalf of a person who is currently a supervisor at a retail establishment and has applied for a position as a manager. The letter is written by another manager at the store who has worked with the applicant for several years.

Dear Human Resources Director:

I am writing to recommend Peter Matthews for the available position of manager here at XYZ Department Store. He started with the company six years ago in the automotive department and moved over to large appliances three years ago. Peter is the top supervisor on first shift and this is one reason I believe he is an excellent choice to fill the vacant position of second shift manager.

As Peter’s first shift manager I can attest to the fact that he is an expert on the merchandise. He is never late, is always patient with customers and is the most dependable supervisor on the shift. Peter is a self-starter and is quick to learn all there is to know about new models of appliances that come in. He answers customers’ questions accurately and with confidence, is flexible and willing to work a different shift when needed. Peter deals with dissatisfied customers in a professional manner while resolving their issues.

The files, reports and other paperwork for which Peter is responsible is always caught up and in proper order. He assists with inventory control and helps manage customer traffic during major sales. Peter calls customers to make sure they are pleased with the appliances they purchased from XYZ, and he is responsible for all marketing emails that go out from the appliance department to customers.

We have loyal customers who purchase all of their large appliances from XYZ. A number of them know and like Peter and make sure they come to the store during his hours.He is extremely helpful and always pleasant when dealing with both new and established customers. He assists the sales representatives and other supervisors with difficult customer questions they are unable to answer, and uses those situations as teachable moments for other employees.Peter assists with the training of new employees, and is calm and patient when teaching new employees about the merchandise and store policies.

I am happy to recommend Peter Matthews for manager of second shift in the large appliance department at XYZ. I believe he deserves the promotion due to his hard work, reliability and years of loyal service to the company. I am available to discuss his qualifications further if necessary. Please feel free to call me at (555)-555-5555 or contact me via email at [email]


Jamie Richards

Jamie Richards

First Shift Manager

Large Appliances

XYZ Department Store