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Math Teacher Recommendation Letter

A math teacher recommendation letter can be for a teacher at any grade level including elementary, middle or high school. It can also be for a teacher who works with learning disabled students individually. The letter can be written by a principal, a department head, another teacher or a parent.


This sample math teacher recommendation letter is written to a principal for someone who teaches regular math courses and is applying to teach advanced placement (AP). The high school is looking for an advanced placement teacher to provide instruction in math courses that will give high school students college credit.

Dear Principal Barton:

I would like to recommend Martin Kramer for the available position of AP Statistics teacher here at XYZ High School. As the AP Calculus teacher and Math Department Chair I am quite familiar with Martin’s teaching techniques and skills and I am confident he is the right person to teach AP Statistics to our upper level math students at XYZ. As you know he earned his state certification to teach AP last year and updated it this year. He has been proactive in formulating lesson plans in hopes that he will be chosen for the position. With Mr. Harmon’s retirement fast approaching, it is vital that a new AP teacher is selected so that the individual will have the summer to prepare and be ready to teach in the fall.

Right now Martin is teaching Algebra II and Honors Trigonometry. We both know our standardized test scores have soared in those subjects since Martin came to XYZ six years ago. Our students’ average SAT scores on the math section of the test have risen steadily each year for the past five years and I believe those improved scores are largely due to Martin’s superior teaching skills. He has a talent for engaging the students and making even the most disinterested look forward to his class. Those who already love math thrive in his classes. He has the ability to quickly identify how each student learns best and works with those who are struggling in the manner that best suits their learning style.

If ever there was a teacher who thinks outside of the proverbial box it is Martin. He is exceptionally creative in his teaching approach setting high standards for students and motivating them to, not only meet, but to exceed those standards.He makes himself available to students before and after school for extra help, and I understand he is quick to respond to concerned parents via phone or email.

My planning period is fourth period. I am available to meet at that time to discuss Martin’s qualifications further. I am also available before or after school at your convenience or via email at [email] My cell number is (555)-555-5555. I hope you will consider promoting Martin to fill the position of AP Statistics teacher. I know the students would greatly benefit from his energy and expertise.


Joan Quentin

Joan Quentin

Math Department Chair

XYZ High School