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Medical Leave Letter from Doctor

As a doctor, you may occasionally be asked to provide an official letter to prove a medical diagnosis or treatment for one of your patients. This can allow your patient to be able to take leave of work or school in order to recover from an illness or receive treatment. Many companies and schools require a medical leave letter from doctor in order for the employee or student to take medical leave, so you will need to know how to write a professional doctor’s note in a timely manner. Here is a guide to writing professional doctor’s medical leave letters for your patients.

Format and Content

The usual medical leave letter from doctor format is a professional business style which gives the patient’s name, medical condition, your recommended treatment plan and signature in a formal and concise manner. The patient may ask you to address it to a specific person; if not, you may address it To Whom It May Concern and turn it over directly to the patient. You should remember to write professionally, with proper grammar, putting your name and practice contact information at the top of the page.


This is a medical leave letter from doctor sample, written for a patient who suffers from strep throat and must submit a doctor’s note to his employer in order to be granted 4 days paid leave from work. It contains the name and address of the doctor’s practice, the patient’s name, condition and the doctor’s recommendations, and the doctor’s signature. It is addressed directly to the patient’s employer since the medical leave must take effect immediately. It should be created on the doctor’s or practice’s official letterhead with contact information for a professional and official appearance.

Dear Ms. Brooks,

I would like to formally request that you excuse my patient, Mr. Aaron Lee from work effective immediately, until June 5, 2014. I have diagnosed Mr. Lee with an acute case of strep throat which is contagious and includes fatigue, fever and a sore throat. In order for Mr. Lee to recover from the illness and avoid spreading the illness to others at his workplace, I recommend 4 days absence from work and advise him to spend the time resting and taking in plenty of fluids.

I have a follow-up visit with Mr. Lee scheduled on June 4, 2014 at which I hope to be able to give him a clean bill of health allowing him to return to the workplace. I believe this will be possible if he has followed my professional recommendations.

Should you have any questions or concerns about this recommendation, I encourage you to contact me at my office by phone at (555)-555-5555 or by fax at (555)-555-5555. Thank you for your consideration in this matter.

Kind regards,

Robert Jackson

Robert L. Jackson, M.D.

ABC Family Doctor Practice