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Nomination Acceptance Letter

Non-profit groups and organizations typically nominate individuals to fill certain positions within them. Those who are willing to accept such an appointment will usually write a nomination acceptance letter to the leader of this group in order to confirm his or her intentions. The letter is sometimes read to a group of individuals during an official ceremony that recognizes that person’s nomination to a particular position.

Format and Content

A nomination acceptance letter format should begin by thanking members of the committee that was responsible for the nomination. It should theninclude information about the appointment such as the position, date the appointment will begin, and anticipated duties. Since the letter may be read to other members of the organization, it can include some projects that the nominee would like to oversee or goals to be reached to reach while acting in an official capacity.


This example is being written by Mark Lowery, a member of National Woodsman Lodge #42 in Anchorage, Alaska. One of the goals of this lodge is to promote outdoor activity among young people, and Mr. Lowery has just been nominated as chairperson over youth activities. He will be formally recognized as the chairperson at the lodge’s monthly meeting on October 25, 2013, and his formal nomination acceptance letter sample will be read to the group at that time by lodge president Sam Samuels.

Dear Mr. Samuels,

It is with great pleasure that I am writing this letter to you in order to accept my nomination to the position of chairman of youth activities with National Woodsman Lodge #42. I am deeply honored to know that my fellow lodge members felt me worthy of such an important responsibility.

In filling this position, I understand that I will be required to do outreach with other community groups in order to reach young people in our area. My primary responsibility will be to develop programs that will enable youth here in Anchorage to take advantage of the outdoor recreation that is so plentiful in our local area.

I am eager to begin my duties immediately, and already have quite a few ideas for projects I would like to see completed. One would be an after-school program at our local elementary school that would provide education about wildlife and nature to children. Another is the development of a teen hiking club, which would host several extended day hikes throughout the year. I am also collaborating with a local church in order to gather interest for a youth camping retreat that would take place next summer.

These are only a few ideas I have for promoting outdoor activity among Anchorage youth. I would gladly welcome any suggestions or ideas from other group members, and look forward to serving the lodge in my new capacity.


Mr. Mark Lowery

Mr. Mark Lowery