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Nursing Application Letter

A well written nursing application letter is critical for capturing the attention of a hiring manager. A letter that highlights your skills and experience can bump your resume to the top of the stack and put you on the short list of highly desirable candidates.

Format and Content

List your special skills or areas of expertise near the top of the letter. The nursing application letter format is much like other cover letter formats; it begins with a short introduction and ends with a request for an interview, contact information and a thank you. Load the paragraphs sandwiched between with your degree information, areas of specialization, work history and any special rewards or recognition you have received during your nursing career.


This nursing application letter sample is written by a nurse who has a considerable amount of experience working in the emergency room in a large city hospital. She provides a reference of recommendation in the letter. She lists her credentials and the interpersonal traits she believes are the most important for the position she is seeking.

Dear Ms. Gilman,

I am submitting my resume for the positionof emergency room R.N. at City Hospital. Dr. Jim Markowitz, a physician in your emergency room department, referred me to you. I believe I have the skills, experience and training necessary to benefit your patients and to be an asset to your nursing staff. Further, my qualifications are in line with those required in the job posting.

My nursing career spans more than a decade working in the emergency room at Junelake Hospital, a level one trauma center located in Dallas, Texas. I graduated from the University of Texas in 1995 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing. In 1997, I received my Certification in Emergency Nursing. I received my certification in Critical Care Nursing in 2002. I have experience caring for patients with life-threatening physical injuries and infectious diseases. I am trained as a triage coordinator and a student nurse supervisor in the ER.

I have proven myself to be a highly capable nurse who can handle extreme pressure in life and death situations while maintaining focus on the needs of the patient and physician instructions. I work very well as part of an emergency room trauma team. I am highly a motivated, extremely focused professional who is used to a fast-paced environment. I work equally well with patients of all ages. I am dedicated to giving my patients the best care possible, including providing emotional support and encouragement when needed.

I would welcome the opportunity to interview for the position of emergency room R.N. and to discuss how I can benefit your hospital as a member of your nursing staff. I believe City Hospital is one of the finest health care facilities in the region and would provide me with the opportunity to utilize my experience and skills for the benefit of all concerned. You may contact me by phone at (555)-555-5555 or by email at [email] Thank you for your time and consideration.


Holly Brown

Ms. Holly Brown, RN

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