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Physician Assistant Recommendation Letter

A physician assistant recommendation letter is for an individual who has many, but not quite all of the qualifications of a medical doctor. The letter can be from a doctor, another physician assistant, a practice administrator, a patient or anyone else who has firsthand knowledge of the applicant’s relevant qualifications.


This sample physician assistant recommendation letter is from a senior medical doctor who is a partner in a large group medical practice. It is written to a hospital administrator on behalf of a physician assistant who seeks to work in the faster paced environment of an urban hospital emergency room.

Dear Dr. Abernathy:

It is my pleasure to recommend Greg Kaplan, PA to fill the available physician assistant position in the XYZ Medical Center Emergency Department. Greg has performed his PA duties exceptionally well here at ABC Family Practice for the last eight years. Working for a primary care physician group rather than a specialist, Greg has had the opportunity to deal with patients who have a wide variety of illnesses, injuries and emergency health situations. In my view, this makes him uniquely qualified to work in a hospital emergency department.

Greg has superior critical thinking and problem-solving skills that have served him well through the various types of situations he has faced in this practice. He is excellent at making quick and wise decisions and functions well in high stress environments. He is an effective communicator and a cooperative member of our team at ABC. Greg is admired and respected by his co-workers and well-liked by the patients, many of whom request him when they make appointments.

An avid learner, continuing education is important to Greg and crucial for a successful PA. He is inquisitive and strives to stay on top of the latest developments and innovations in primary care medicine. Greg’s certifications are current and he is a quick study with new computer software and other medical technology. His case notes are impeccable and always up-to-date. He is one of the most dependable PA’s in the practice holding himself to high standards of ethics and integrity.

Greg has a great deal of experience performing physical examinations, administering immunizations, injections and IVs, suturing wounds, setting simple fractures, performing minor surgeries, diagnosing illnesses and prescribing medications. He is calm and compassionate when working with patients and has taken some psychology courses to gain a better understanding of how to cope with patients who are under emotional duress. Greg is in excellent physical condition. He eats right and exercises daily providing a good example for patients. He has enormous strength and stamina and is able to work through challenging situations.

I hope you will seriously consider Greg Kaplan, PA, for the physician assistant position in your Emergency Department. Although I hate to lose him, I believe he would be a good fit for your facility. Please contact me if you have questions or need additional information at (555)-555-5555 or by email at [email]


Mark Thompson

Mark G. Thompson, M.D.

ABC Family Practice